How to (Simply) Make Your Home Look Better

This is the week to think about art! For those of you here in Iowa, #artweek, the #desmoineartfestival and #artfestmidwest are coming up June 24-30. What a great opportunity to grab some new pieces for your place. But if you’re feeling a bit intimidated and unsure of what works, read this: Wall Art 101 from @bungalowdsm in #valleyjunction to find the answers you need.

Wall art makes a HUGE impact in any space, especially your home. But did you know there are 6 things you’re probably doing wrong when selecting and hanging art on your walls? Not to worry though, here’s what you need to know on how to (simply) make your home look better!

ONE: Matchy-Matchy is a No-No
Gallery walls are what everyone wants. But almost everyone we talked to said the same thing: “Don’t create gallery walls with only photos, or only oil paintings, or only posters…” While you can do this, it’s pretty expected. If you want your gallery wall to really shine, then take a shine to different styles together. Find a common element: color, artistic style, size, and then mix it up.

TWO: Scale It Up
Buy bigger. It’s really that easy. If you can only get one thing to fill a wall, then make sure you pick something that covers the most space. It will not make your room look smaller. It will make everything look better, more pulled together and well, more designed. If you always wonder why your home doesn’t look like the ones on Instagram, this is why.

THREE: Use Unused Space
If you have high ceilings, or a staircase, or just a wall that is non-traditional, don’t be afraid to creatively go high (or low). Fill your home with art (more on that below). You can never have too much! You can have too little and then it looks less polished, less complete. Don’t clutter your home with too many things, but do decorate with as much art as you can afford/find/hang/put up. You’ll be surprised at how great it looks.

FOUR: Layer for Dimension
Who says wall art has to be flat? If you go to Versailles, you’ll see that they use this technique throughout the palace. And hey, if it’s good enough for Versailles, probably good enough for you too, right? Dimension takes your wall art to a new level by creating a more visually interesting space.

FIVE: Drive for Five
That’s right, it’s easy to remember, right? Drive for five pieces to anchor a room. Three can still work (although it’s so last year), but five works better. Sounds like too much? Nope. Five pieces give you the opportunity to create a story with your look. This does not mean only five in your entire home, just the one wall you’re trying to design for. In this home, you see one large piece but smaller ones flanking it and yes, the sconces are part of the art collection of five items.

SIX: Art is What You Want it to Be
If it goes on the wall, looks good, works with what else you have up and makes you happy, it’s art! This map makes me happy because, in the very center, you can see Des Moines. So it may be subtle but I know it’s there and it makes me smile. The two pieces on the side represent two of my favorite trips: to Rome (Pasta Pomodoro) and Paris (Pear Tarts). And the colors are all in the same family so it pulls everything together. Even though technically they have nothing to do with one another. But everyone who sees it says, “Wow, I wish could do something like that on my walls…”. Well, you can if you simply keep in mind these six things: Variation, Scale, Unused Space, Dimension and What You Want.

Finally, while these 6 things really work, I have one final thing to add. Support your local art scene! It’s tough as an artist putting your work out there. And there is nothing better than when someone loves what you’ve done enough to take it home with them. Look for Delaney Lynch Art @ArtfestMidwest booth 70 this year. We hope to see you there!

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