What are some of the iconic elements of mid-century style that you should consider incorporating into your look? Here are a few seen as essential to the trend:

  • CLEAN SIMPLE LINES Straight, streamlined and minimalistic. Brutalist Modern is an example of this and often is an industrial looking piece made from natural elements like wood, concrete, glass or metal. But it doesn’t have to be austere, as shown by the fun-loving Fire King Kimberly mugs.
  • COOL STATEMENT TIMEPIECE There are so many different designs to choose (wall clocks to desk clocks) it’s hard to pick one. Look for something that works for your space and doesn’t break the bank (they can get pricey and vintage models require electricity or winding).
  • POPS OF COLOR This was an optimistic time and you see it reflected in the hues—from the distinct greens, blues and yellows of the 40s, to the pastel aquas and pinks in the 50s to the bold golds, avocados and rusts of the 60s. You don’t have to bring all of them together—just one or two mixed with a standard black, white or gray.
  • NATURAL AND ICONIC From driftwood to mimicking what you see in the world around us, mid-century is all about texture and recognizable shapes. You see this in many of the pieces from lighting to rugs to the iconic Tulip chair, the Eames or Plycraft recliner and more. Bring in pieces like this for more dynamic design.

Bottom line, the reason that mid-century is so appealing is that it’s so varied. You really can pull together many different elements from the decades that all work together—and reflect your own individual sense of style. It isn’t about adhering to one standard—but great design, created to last, that can work with almost anything.

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