Why is everyone obsessed with KonMari right now? Because it’s the new year. The time when we all want to start fresh. Yet also want to hunker down and get through the winter. So Marie Kondo’s new series on Netflix feeds both those needs at once: A step-by-step process on how to #sparkjoy by removing the (as I now realize after watching all the episodes) many, many things we JUST DON’T NEED which results in a truly satisfying cold-weather mini couch-potato binge.

Whether or not you decide to truly go through all the magic of tidying up there is another book, (recommended by a fave customer!) called “Cozy Minimalist Home” by Myquillyn Smith that takes you beyond decluttering to show you how to embrace more style with less stuff (think of it as the next step from #sparkjoy to #sparkcozy)

Cozy Minimalism isn’t about going without—it’s simply a mindset that helps you get whatever style YOU LOVE with the fewest possible items. 

You may find it surprising that as a retailer, Bungalow doesn’t want you to cram your space with all our stuff, but rather to find the things that finish (cozy up!) every room with people, priorities and purpose in mind setting the stage for connection, relationship, and rest—just like the book.

In Cozy Minimalist Home, bestselling author Smith shows how to transform your home starting with what you already have and using just enough of the right furniture and decor to create a space you’re proud of in a way that honors your personal priorities, budget, and style. The book helps you:

  • Embrace the role as home curator who makes smart style choices
  • Know what to focus on, and what not to worry about
  • Deconstruct rooms and then re-create them with more style, less stuff

So go on—refresh your space with a new outlook this year. And stop in store to see if we have anything that will help you increase the hygge in your home and #sparkcozy

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