Thank you Mediacom and Historic Valley Junction Foundation for this cute little spot for the holidays! Check it out on our Facebook page!

How important is it to shop local? We’ve all got to start somewhere, with a local crowd who believes in and shops our store. Starbucks wouldn’t be Starbucks without starting as a local coffeehouse people supported. The same with McDonalds, Hy-Vee, and even Walmart (BTW if you ever get a chance to visit Bentonville and see the original store—go—it’s quite an enjoyable tour and you can also check out the beautiful Crystal Bridges museum FREE!). 

I’m not one of those small businesses who refuses to shop at mass merch stores or chains, I just believe you need to balance your budget in both locations. That’s how America grew in the first place! Plus the reality is sometimes you want to just order something from Amazon, and other times you want to go out, shop, enjoy the destination and entire experience.

Stop by Valley Junction this season—you’ll be amazed at how many new stores there are, pop-ups and restaurants—along with local shop owners (like me!) who will be happy to see you and happy to help you find something unique.

So spread the cheer this year—just get out and shop EVERYWHERE you can! We’ll all be glad you did.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Thanks for stopping by.

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