First off, thank you all for stopping by at #ArtfestMidwest. It was great to be there again at such a wonderfully attended and supported show. Looking forward to next year at the event center!

One thing that kept coming up while speaking to many of you was questions about art and size. Large pieces seem to intimidate both in price and scale. While it may seem the better idea to pick a smaller piece, what you will often find is that it may end up needing even more pieces to really make it work.

I find that scale & diversity is the key. A large piece of art balanced with smaller pieces/styles that are another size/technique—but here is what’s most important—all with a common thread which could be color, motif or style. Think of it like layering a great outfit. Everything looks better together when each piece compliments the other but doesn’t match 100%.

So go on, buy that large piece to create the foundation for a well-designed tableau. Or, buy multiples of the smaller pieces to make it appear as if it were a large piece to build upon. But remember, all art is subjective. Its only purpose is to evoke emotion, hopefully joy, so that whenever, wherever you see it, you just have to stop, pause and smile.

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