I’m a homey—are you?

If you horde home decor magazines, follow #vintage and #retro stuff on instagram, binge-watch episodes on HGTV and instead of counting sheep, regularly reconfigure the rooms in your house for maximum style and efficiency, then you too my friend, are probably a homey (welcome!).

This also means that you love to discover something that ignites your little homey fire.

Hi! My name is Delaney and I’m the proprietor of a Mid-Century home decor, antiques & art store in Valley Junction, IA called Bungalow. It’s filled with all the things I surround myself with in my own home and that many of the people (okay other homeys) I’ve ever entertained or who dropped by have asked “Where can I find that?!”

These are not collector’s items or pieces that you put on a pedestal and pay homage to. These are timeless classics that are perfectly imperfect with a personal narrative. They are desired not because they’re new, but because they have a history that connects personally with you in one way or another.

Maybe they remind you of your grandma’s house. Maybe they are something your mom gave you and you lost along the way. They could be a collection of eclectic and bright boho pieces reminiscent of the summer of love. Or they might be the clean, simple lines of B&W modernism that are totally opposite from what you grew up in. Maybe they just make you smile.

And that’s the key to making your house, homey: defining what brings you joy. . For me it’s the deep greens and blues reminiscent of the California Bungalows from my youth. Maybe that’s why I also love anything that smells like sandalwood?

Create your own retro nouveau perfectly pin-worthy space by finding that one thing that’s your thing. Then build on that. Need help figuring out your story? Drop by and I’ll help you create a personal style board. Hope to see you soon.

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